If it’s one thing more fulfilling in life, than it was completing the Seven Bridges Walk (www.7bridgeswalk.com.au) for the second time running just on Sunday. Yet another year, a few of my friends and I decided to tackle the tough journey around the most scenic areas of Sydney, crossing seven of the most iconic and significant Sydney bridges, in the fight against cancer! Last year we managed to raise $1300.00 alone amongst our team put forward to the Cancer Council and what’s more challenging was that this year the walk had increased from 25 kilometers to 27 kilometers! It took us approximately 6.5-7 hours to complete the course and as always it wasn’t easy becuase after having a massive night beforehand arriving home at 5am in the morning from a crazy Halloween party still very hungover, I had about less than 2 hours sleep before tackling 27 kilometers as early as 9am in the morning starting from Pyrmont in the City! Sore, tired, beat, battered and seriously sunburnt, it was still worth every bit energy. Nothing compares to that fulfilling experience walking for a good cause. Afterwards the group of us headed straight to Hurricanes Grill at Darling Harbour for a victory beverage before stuffing our faces with a well deserved hearty meal! I’m so proud of our efforts once again!

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