No matter where we are and no matter what part of the world we’re in. We never miss an important Liverpool FC match (Correction: Tim never misses a Liverpool match, I just never have the choice when I’m with him haha). During one of the nights in Nha Trang we manage to find a bar, called ‘Oasis’, which was playing the match against Chelsea that we were hoping to see.

Not only was it a great match, and win, against Chelsea FC that night, but that the best part was that Oasis Bar had aired the match on a large over-sized projector while we were lounging underneath the stars smoking apple flavoured Shisha with beers and cocktails all night amongst, what seemed to be, like a unanimous number of other Liverpool supporters also watching the match at that same bar, which the night far more entertaining. I blame my boyfriend for now getting me so into the English Premiere League (EPL).

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