Keeping it brief. My Melbourne Trip away over the weekend with my friends was so amazing. I don’t think I can begin describing how much fun we had! I want to personally thank the twelve beautiful people who came along to join me interstate… we definitely shared plenty of great memories and partied so hard that I think it’ll last me for the rest of the year haha. Thank you Melbourne for your hospitality!

Day 1: Steven, Lena and I were the first lot to fly out early Thursday morning ahead of the others due to work. Settling into our hotel at the Mantra on little Bourke st, we spent our first day shopping at a few nearby DFO’s before grabbing a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Ladida before sipping on a bit of Mojito’s back at our hotel when Melissa and Phi arrived in Melbourne later that night. A Simple first day in Melbourne the way I expected it to be!

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